plugin info
readme.txt and readme validate link in the link above


plugin header

see other plugins or guidelines

to check

  • PHP CodeSniffer

wp cli


phpunit install

php 5.7
$ docker run –rm -v $(pwd):/app composer require –dev phpunit/phpunit ^5.7

php 7
$ docker run –rm -v $(pwd):/app composer require –dev phpunit/phpunit ^6.2

scaffold plugin

$ wp scaffold plugin –allow-root (plugin name)

test db for a plugin

implement script on a database server.

this needs curl (or wget), subversion, mysqladmin
apt intall curl subversion mysql-client

mv created plugin directory

$ bash ./bin/ (database name) (user id) (user password) (server host) latest false
lastest = wordpress version
last boolean = skip database creation

$ bash ./bin/ wordpress_test root password db_host

run test

mv created plugin directory

if you installed phpunit globally,
$ phpunit

if you installed phpunit localy,
$ ../../../vendor/bin/phpunit

if you failed, remove /tmp/*

test reference
- PHPUnit – Make WordPress Core - Automated Testing in WordPress, Really?! - Introduction To WordPress Unit Testing | Tom McFarlin - unit testing |

register plugin to

reference: プラグインの作成 - WordPress Codex 日本語版

  • wordpress.orgにアカウントを作る
  • readme.txtを用意
  • プラグインバナーを用意
  • スクリーンショットを登録もできる
  • svnでコミットする